Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Coco's Room

Cohen's room is nowhere near being done. I am a little behind in the decorating because he had the smallest room at our old house and now his is way bigger!! I'm still looking for the perfect bargains for his room. He also is getting a new mattress since we are officially done with the "potty training" mattress. That sounded really gross, but what I really mean is the one that was so cheap we don't really care who pees on it! That didn't sound any better. MOVING on...

The door you see in the above picture, leads to the Coco Cave...

which is really just a closet for toys!

This of course is the most important thing in the room. Just ask Big Daddy.

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Carrie said...

love the navy and tan walls. i found a bunch of vintage sports gear at flea markets for Beau's room. Your home is really beautiful! I've been in mine for 10mos and still don't have it the way I want it. I have goals :)