Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sneak Peek!

I was going to wait for a big "MOVE THAT BUS" moment and reveal our house...but I just can't wait! So before I show you, I must explain that the before pictures don't seem as bad as the ACTUAL before that we saw in real life. You can't see the massive amounts of dirt, grime, grease and STICKY TACK all over the walls! I am not even kidding when I tell you, that yellow sticky stuff was everywhere. The previous owners allowed their kids to hang stuff wherever they wanted...thankfully they didn't let them use the nail gun! With that said, here it is!

This is the foyer and the stairs going up to the bedrooms. To the right is the hearth room and then the stairs that go to the basement.


After! (Sorry if the lighting is not the best, it was dark!)

This is the original fireplace in the hearth room. A lovely coppery, bubbly tile. BLECH!

Here it is tonight after Brian and my dad hung a new mantle and had rock put up!

Here is the range in the kitchen...can you see the solid film of grease??

And after!
And just so you can see what HAS NOT been getting done while we were working on other projects, this is our master closet.
Before...that door is NEVER OPEN because there are bats in there that will be removed in a few days now that mating season is over! (yeah...that's right. Bats.)
And after!! What a mess!
But this will be a winter project! For now, I just wear whatever I grab first!
This has been such a crazy process but it really has been fun. Some days were pretty rough, but we made it through and I am really looking forward to making this our home now that we have the big projects out of the way! More pics to come! I can't wait to actually finish an entire room!


Anonymous said...

I love what your husband has done with that house!!

rachel said...

Beautiful! I love the brick backsplash in the kitchen!

amynicole said...

Chrissy it looks amazing...even since i saw it like a week ago. It;s going to be an amazing house!!!

Christie said...

yay! more pic...i love it!