Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jost Van Dyke

**Pronounced Yost Van Dyke**
From A Little Bit of Life

This was the best day of our vacation. This island is in the Brittish Virgin Islands and there are very few people that actually live on it. We sailed there stopping halfway to snorkel here.

From A Little Bit of Life
Someone told us they call this "Two Butt Beach" because that's about all you can fit on it!

We arrived at Foxy's and ate a DELICIOUS meal.

From A Little Bit of Life
People take their shirts off, sign them and hang them from the ceiling. The floor is sand and it is VERY relaxed. Not nearly as relaxed as the next bar we went to. Ivan's stress free bar. You walk up, write down the drink you want and then fix it yourself! You keep a tally of the drinks you take and put your money in the tackle box full of cash.

It was rather funny when I ordered a Coke at Foxy's. I said, "I would like a Coke please." The bartender looked at me for a second and said, "A Coke and....what?"

From A Little Bit of Life

Big Daddy was trying to convince me to run home, grab the kids and bring them back to live on the island. I laughed...he didn't.

From A Little Bit of Life

This was taken on the boat...looks like shoes and clothes are not the only thing we need to special order! I will keep that in mind when we buy a new sailboat.

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Anonymous said...

So neat,so beautiful!You are such an awesome couple!!! Love you both!Grammy