Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

This year Nanny and Papa hosted an Easter egg hunt at their house followed by a delicious dinner that I am going to be working off for a few days at least. We showed up at 3 pm, Easter baskets in tow, ready to hunt some eggs! Papa had already hidden them and we were ready to go...but not before we got a picture of our gang!
We ate dinner (thanks to uncle for sharing his Honeybaked ham and sides that he WON!) and headed outside for some 4-wheelin' fun! It was a beautiful day and we loved just being together! On Sunday after the kids checked out their loot from the big bunny, we headed to church for an AMAZING service. Cohen was so excited to see his favorite nursery worker there. He and his wife have been with Cohen's group since he was a baby. We have tried recently to attend a different service and Coco was NOT having it! After the service, we RAN back to our car in the pouring rain and headed to Aunt Liz's house for lunch and another egg hunt. We had a great time there and really enjoyed watching the kids play. My favorite part was finally getting my hands on this little guy!

Baby Brett is just a month old and I couldn't get enough of him!!! After we stuffed ourselves silly, we headed home. The kids conked out in the car so we took a nice leisurely Sunday drive and then got ice cream when the kids woke up! It was a busy weekend.
As I fell into bed last night, I couldn't help but be completely overwhelmed. What did I do to deserve this? I am no where near as good as I think I should be in order to deserve ALL of this. That's the beauty of it friends...I'm not. I never will be. I am a sinner. Without Jesus Christ, my life would be a mess. I am forgiven because of HIM! Wow.

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Nanny said...

Your pictures were so MUCH better than mine! It was such a GREAT time! I love each and every one of you!!! I just can't say it enough, "I'm blessed"!