Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas!

If you didn't get one of these Christmas cards from us this year, don't feel bad. Very few did! They took longer than we thought they would to come in. So I printed off a few at Walgreens and sent them to out of town family. My plan was to grab them on Monday, rush to the post office (kids in tow), run in and buy stamps (it was 22 degrees) and mail them before rushing off to our Christmas with Big Daddy's family. Then I stopped myself. Why? If I did it that way, I would be totally stressed and would most likely snap at my children and Big Daddy more than once. If I let go of my obsessive compulsiveness for one second and put my family first, we could get there without rushing around while barking orders at each other. Then I would have time to curl Claire's beautiful hair while watching a Christmas movie all cozy by the fire! (That sounds way better!) Besides, most of the people who would be getting these cards will read this blog and won't be horribly upset if they don't get a card this year. AND many may have gotten some the day AFTER Christmas which would normally be unheard of in my book! I guess what I'm trying to say is that I had a major breakthrough this year. It isn't about pleasing everyone else. My priority is making the holidays enjoyable for my children, not running them all over town in the FREEZING cold just to get some cards out. It is about taking time to enjoy a DVD Big Daddy so thoughtfully put together of footage from our old video camera that I thought was long gone (Claire was seriously like 10 minutes old.). It's about making a gingerbread house on Christmas Eve with the kids even if I do have a zillion things to do before we leave for dinner. I will still do my best to be thoughtful and do nice things over the holidays, but not at the expense of my children and Big Daddy. It was a little hard to come to terms with that, but once I oh man did we have a WONDERFUL Christmas. We had so much more time to focus on what this season is really about. The birth of our SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST! It was a great week and I will post more later. Right now I am busy getting to know the newest member of our family. I haven't named her yet....but she is awesome.
Gotta Go!!! My Grammy is calling me!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Chrissy,You chose wisely with what is important!!! Your Great Aunt Marga told me several years ago when I was stressed about getting cards out. She said "when Xmas day is over it doesn't mean the season in over". She always waited until Xmas Day was over and then she sat down and was able to really enjoy writing notes or possible long letter to people that would love to hear about the whole family.My sister is a very smart lady and my other sister your Great Aunt Betty can get more accomplished in a day than I ever dreamed of.Well ramble on Grammy. LOVE you!!

Jessica said...

We got one and it was adorable! :)

busymama said...

Hi Chrissy,
I was blog-hopping and found you. We are practically neighbors...about 20 miles or so...near Crane, MO. I will have to read more here when I have some time.

Happy Holidays,