Monday, September 29, 2008

Sending stuff to God

Today after gymnastics, we decided to eat at Red Robin. When we left, the kids each got a new shiny balloon. Claire had hers in hand (which is huge because she used to have a major phobia about balloons with helium) and said that she would like to send it to God. We decided that we would wait until we got home, write a prayer on it and send it on up. Here is the prayer she wanted to send to God.

Of course brother has to share the love too!

Cohen waving to the balloons.

Steph, we love you with all our hearts. We are blessed to call you friend and to be a part of your brave fight in which we KNOW you will be victorious. WE BELIEVE! We are praying each day that God heals you. We are also praying for safe travels to and from Houston. I feel it in my heart....remission...I feel it.


Jessica said...

aww...that is so sweet. Claire and Cohen have sweet spirits-- like their mama!!!!! I BELEIVE TOO!

Kristin said...

Hey Chrissy I love this, your mom has got me hooked and now my whole family is doing it. Now, you can "stalk me". We are still praying for Steff every day. Your whole family is one of the coolest family's ever!!!! I am so lucky to be a small but cool part of it.

Sheila said...

Oh my! This one has made me cry! I dont know which part is more precious..Claire's prayers, Cohen waving bye, your message to Steph, you are ALL very kind hearted and special. I'm so proud to have you for my sister!