Thursday, March 20, 2008

All clear!

We got the results from Claire's MRI and everything looked normal! I'll have to admit that is GREAT NEWS but now I'm really baffled! The good thing is that her docs aren't ready to give up. They know that I am still very concerned about Claire's weird symptoms and I don't want to give up just yet. I am so blessed with such wonderful compassionate doctors. I feel much better knowing that Claire's brain and pituitary gland are completely normal. I know Brian was relieved as well! Now that we got over her ear infection, Cohen's on antibiotics for his infection and we all seem to be holding it together.....(KNOCK ON WOOD) we are looking forward to a few months without having to go to the doctor! I LOVE Dr. Stacy's office and everyone in it, but we are seeing them too often!

Today we are enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather, thanking God that we just had a tiny tiny tiny leak in the basement and getting the house all ready for Easter! I am getting ready to open the windows, turn on the NCAA tournament and whip this place into shape!!!!

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