Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My future decided

God heard my prayers last night. I was having a pretty rough day yesterday, but today is a new one! I got in the car with my 2 little angels and wondered what the day would bring me. I asked Claire what she would like to listen to on the way to school. Without missing a beat she yelled "CHURCH MUSIC!" She has said that a few times over the last few days but this morning she said it with passion! I was relieved that she didn't say her princess CD! No offense Aunt Debbie because Claire absolutely LOVES that CD with her name in it.....but after the 532nd time of hearing how to get dressed for a tea party I think I am more than prepared for tea with the queen of England! So anyway, I put on the Hillsong CD and turned it to one of my favorites "Future Decided" and we cranked it up. As I looked in the backseat, both babies were just clapping away with the biggest smiles on their faces. It doesn't get any better than that! That's the way to start a day. God is with me, I know for a fact. He will never give me anything I can't handle, I know that too. Today is not a wobbly day, and I don't plan to have anymore of those any time soon! I will just stick to His plan, it's probably way better than mine anyway!

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The Bowman Family said...

Hillsong is our favorite cd too, espcially the kids one with Superhero! It's awesome how God can use even kids to give us a fresh perspective and new hope! We are praying for Claire!