Thursday, January 3, 2008


I was just looking at my blog and realized I left out Christmas stories! We had a wonderful holiday. It was different without our Oklahoma family but still pretty great. We enjoyed Christmas Eve with the Davidsons. Of course there was yummy food and we got to visit with family that we don't see very often. I can't believe that the Davidson boys are all grown up! Spencer who was about 5 when we met, is DRIVING!!! Talk about feeling old! Brian took over the duty of reading the Christmas story from the Bible. I am hoping that Claire will be reading by next Christmas! We exchanged gifts and especially enjoyed watching Grandma and Grandpa open their "Cruise wear" for their upcoming cruise to Hawaii! We left and drove around for a bit looking at Christmas lights. Claire loves to see the "Glow ups" (inflatables) but her favorite is to spot Mary and Joseph. She was pretty sad when she noticed that someone stole baby Jesus from our neighbors house. I assured her there was a special place for someone who steals Jesus! (totally kidding!) We came home and put little man down. Claire and I sprinkled reindeer dust in the yard. (Oats to attract the reindeer and glitter for Santa) Then she got her cookies ready for Santa. We got her tucked in and had a little time together in peace and quiet! When Santa comes he takes the stockings and gifts downstairs. So when Claire got up she ran in to check and see if the cookies were gone. Immediately her eyes filled with tears and she started to cry. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "Santa came and took our stockings and didn't leave anything!" I assured her that he took the stuff downstairs and directed her attention to a note that Santa left. She was so excited and she ran in to show Daddy. We took a few minutes to read a little book about the birth of Jesus and talk about what the day really means. The rest was chaos! She was a little overwhelmed with the presents. I am still trying to figure out how I spend months preparing and picking out just the right gifts. Daddy goes out two days before Christmas and picks out 2 toys and he is the hero!!! Claire loved her new tent and Cohen was really excited about his basketball goal. He was shooting baskets left and right. That is, of course, until Claire opened her Baby Alive from Grandma. Then he walked around for the rest of the morning feeding and patting the baby. It was REALLY sweet! We finished with gifts and then we ATE and ATE and ATE and ATE! A few hours later, we ate some more at my parents house! The kids spent time with their cousins Alivia, Garrett and Hunter. They had a great evening. I love my family and wouldn't give a million dollars for a single second I get with them. When I say family I mean my family by birth, marriage and by choice! I am so blessed with so many WONDERFUL people in my life. When I really stop and think about it I can't believe that I am so lucky. So with our bellies FULL and our eyelids heavy, we headed home and CRASHED! There was something truly magical about this Christmas. My life is really coming into focus thanks to the help of certain people and most of all my relationship with God. And I have to admit.....I LOVE WHAT I SEE. I am hopeful for what 2008 has in store. Of course my thoughts have been very focused on the Phillips family. If you don't know why, check my other blog I have so much faith that the Lord is working in Steph's life. I just wish there was something more I could do for her. I will continue to pray that He will lead me to do what I can. But this is her year. 2007 was the year she was diagnosed. 2008 will be the year that she beats it.

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sounds like a great christmas!