Friday, November 16, 2007


Don't tell Claire but here is one of her Christmas gifts I ordered her today!

She has been really into ballet lately and keeps asking me to take "ballet dancing lessons." I am waiting a little longer because soccer lessons didn't really work out. She wasn't interested at all. The program was awesome, she just wasn't into it! She asked me for a pair of "real live ballet slippers" so you KNOW she will be getting those!! I can't wait to get my Tutti Fruity Tutu from my good friend Emily in New Orleans! I let Claire pick the colors (she didn't know why she was picking them!) but she chose citrus and Lavender. (By the way Em, I think I misspelled Lavender on my order!) I think it will be beautiful! Be sure to browse the other stuff on Emily's website and see if you might be interested in something for your little "Tutti Fruity!"

OH, and today I will fill you in on a few things. For those of you who don't know, Brian has been in New Jersey for 3 weeks. ICK. The Lord truly blessed us with a job offer from Johnson & Johnson. He will be working for Ethicon (a subsidiary of JNJ) and selling surgical devices such as sutures, mesh patches and things like that. During sales calls he will sit in on surgeries and answer any questions about the product that the surgeon may have. Needless to say, the training is pretty intense. He has been actually learning how to use these products on live pigs and even a cadaver. It is an amazing company to work for and we feel so blessed for this opportunity. SO, that would explain the impromptu trip to the east coast! Brian called his first Saturday there and said that he wasn't sure he could make it 2 more weeks without me! (Boy was I flattered!) So I hopped on and looked at a ticket for the next weekend. UGH! Almost $1200.00! I decided to go ahead and bid on a ticket and put in what we can afford at the moment. So $300.00 was my offer for a flight out of Springfield to Newark. It was 10:30 at night and I hadn't talked to anyone except Brian about this. With priceline, if they accept your have a non-refundable ticket. So as I waited for "The Negotiator" aka William Shatner to find me a deal, I was in a panic! Then BAM! I had a ticket. "That's nice Chrissy, just assume that someone will watch your kids while you fly across the country!" But, as I'm sure you all know, my parents and Mother-in-law were more than happy to help out with the kids! I jumped on the plane and headed for parts unknown! And the rest is history! But TODAY IS THE DAY BRIAN FINALLY COMES HOME!!!!!!!! We can't wait to see him. The kids are really missing Daddy. YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

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